Cook Protocol — Accelerating the Adoption of Open and Decentralized Finance


Every year and even every day, dozens of new and very interesting solutions appear in the world to solve the problems that already exist in the lifestyle like today. At an equivalent time, these decisions pertain to very different areas and areas of our life.

However, the most thing about all this is often the very fact that We are trying to find new ways to unravel existing problems.In the same way, so many of our team of blockchain technology specialists think that in the global financial industry,

cryptocurrency has brought many improvements, from faster payments, lower fees, stable, no intermediaries, and lots of others. It has managed to steal the eye of several people and industry, including the govt due to this cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency market will grow manyfold within the future, consistent with some analysts.

For me, Blockchain technology is the future. After all, its characteristics are the simplest , reliable and safe companion and hence meet the standard standards recognized in modern society.

About the project

This project is called the Cook Protocol. The Cook Protocol is an asset built on the fully decentralized Ethereum blockchain technology, the most stage of labor for master theorists and asset managers to open up new worlds. The Cook Protocol was founded on the assumption that everybody must address cash. We strive that decentralization holds the simplest approach to empowering people round the world for all almost certain arrangements with their assets, And that we can help the planet to move in this direction by animating a change to embrace the decentralization record.

The Cook Protocol has established a more transparent and highly flexible asset management platform that is particularly suitable for investors and good asset management service providers. Investors can monitor managers’ fund allocations without fear about security or breaches of playing funds.

And at an equivalent time, fund managers can cash in of the Cook Protocol to realize access to investors and perform almost any investment strategy without having to open a strategy.

Our mission
- Cook Protocol Provide monetary experts with safe, clear and circulating assets for board organizations.
- And give a combination of an asset savings and gadget board to the shop head.

- Cook Protocol democratizes a safe, clear and outstanding money organization by delivering fruitful results.
- Become a decentralized asset that moves the planet on the stage.

In conclusion, Cook Protocol was created for one purpose only, to represent a trading platform that meets quality standards for all members of the cryptographic community, from professionals to beginners. who are faraway from advanced technical tools, with secure, clear and transparent assets.

Benefits of the Cook Protocol

Each fund within the Cook Protocol platform features a suitable smart contract and a special ckToken fund to represent ownership. As each sort of ckToken complies with the ERC-20 standard, ckToken can contains other ckToken, it’s possible to possess one token to represent a vast number of other tokens.

Because funds are often structured within the Cook Protocol, several layers of abstraction are often built. Hence, funds also function like Lego blocks which may be wont to build high-level financial products and decentralized applications.

Token COOK

The COOK token may be a governance token that permits token holders to shape the longer term of the COOK protocol. Token holders also can submit proposals and vote to initiate incentive programs to grow the ecosystem, improve governance structures and enhance the platform.

More details about the COOK Token
Sixty percent of the tokens (6,000,000,000 COOK) are going to be allocated to the COOK community treasury to drive the expansion and development of the COOK ecosystem. COOK token holders can also choose to be able to use the community treasury to be able to encourage liquidity mining, ckTokens betting, community initiatives, and other programs.

Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
Tokens for sale: 1 000 000 000 COOK
Token price: 1 COOK = 0.05 USD


2020 Q2 Cook Protocol team assembled
2020 Q3 Cook Protocol concept finalized
2020 Q4 White Paper released
2021 Q1 Cook Protocol architecture & UI design release
2021 Q1 Uniswap Listing
2021 Q1 Cook Leverage release
2021 Q1 Cook DeFi index release
2021 Q2 Cook Protocol integration testing
2021 Q2 Cook Protocol third party audit
2021 Q2 Cook Protocol 1.0 release on Ethereum mainnet
2021 Q3 Cook Protocol Ecosystem Development
2021 Q4 Cook Protocol 2.0 release on Ethereum mainnet


Summarizing the Cook Protocol platform, I would like to take note of the high-quality tools, as well as the opportunities available to all participants in the world of digital asset cryptography. At the same time, each participant will be able to find exactly what he needs. In addition, the Cook Protocol meets all its reliability and security requirements, which means it can be a viable work tool on a global scale.

And to know more information about the Cook Protocol about it I can not tell until the end. Then it is better that I will create a project technical document, in which you will find answers to any questions.

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